A 50% security deposit is required to lock in your date.


If you cancel your booking you will receive your deposit back less a $60 admin fee for time spent on booking your cake in originally.


Final Payment Arrangements
The final balance is due 14 days before delivery day. Your cake will not be made until this is received and may result in us being unable to have it ready in time. NB: some cakes can take two days to create.


If a consultation is required a fee of $50 is required, this covers a 1 hour consultation, please bring any photos, drawings with you and have a fair idea of what your wanting to ensure consult does not go overtime, or a $50 an hour fee will be required.
Consultations need to be booked early in the week before 3 pm, held either at my home office in Mt Roskill or at your home.
As I am a one person small business so I do not have a retail shop, instead I rent an A grade registered kitchen on the North Shore by the hour when I require it, generally Friday to Sunday nights.
So for this reason consultations at my work place do not suit.